Love Letter on Fresh Starts

Kandice Cole

Dear Beloved,

Monday’s can be tough right? It’s one part “fresh start” mixed with another part “I wish my weekend had been longer.”

My hope is that you linger in today being a fresh start.  A day that will present you with new possibilities and new ideas. Breathe in deeply. Imagine this:

Endless perseverance and determination brought your life into being. Generation after generation after generation made a decision, through good times and not so great, to keep creating life. And YOU  are a result of that continuous decision.

You are a miracle. A wonder. You are the “better” part of this saga. You are the fulfillment of a dream. A reminder that humanity wills itself to keep going even in the face of adversity. Your heart beats from a lineage that refuses to quit. That is the power encased in each breath you take today.

Tread powerfully through this day. Refresh yourself. Inhale and exhale with grace as you continue to craft your legacy. The day has just begun and you, my friend, have so much life to live today.



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Why Aren’t You Telling Your Story?

What stops us from writing? What keeps us from doing the one thing that we feel like we must do? What keeps our stories buried inside of us wanting to burst out?

The number one reason why great people like yourself aren’t sharing your story is this: You don’t believe your story matters. 

We think our story is too much, not enough, too dramatic, not dramatic enough, boring, too serious, or not serious enough. All of these thoughts and fears that convince us that our story doesn’t matter. That our story shouldn’t be shared. That people won’t “get” it.

I have been there time after time. I used to think my story wasn’t good enough. That I hadn’t struggled enough in my life. That no one wanted to hear my story. I decided to start consistently writing a few years ago.  I started writing on my blog about vulnerability, love, and living each day extraordinary.  Magical things happened as a result.  People connected with my story. They were touched by my words. They were glad that I had written. They were inspired by what I was experiencing. They were compelled to share their stories.

It begin to dawn on me that my story is MY story. Since I have experienced it, felt it, and witnessed it, it most definitely matters.  When I share it without apologizing, I am more connected to myself and to everyone around me. Our stories are what unite us. Our stories are our truth.

If you are having writer’s block or feel like you can’t share your story because its too (fill in the blank), please know that is not the truth. The truth is: Your story is extraordinary. You are a miracle. Your story matters. Your vision matters. Your life matters.

Write it down. Share it. Connect with the world.

We need  your brilliant perspective of the world. We need our words to heal. We need your story to inspire us.

We need YOU.




A Love Letter a Day Keeps the Fear Away

I truly believe that a love letter a day keeps fear away.

I have been writing love letters since I was a little girl. I always have felt this need to brighten someone’s day or remind them of how awesome they are. I still do this in my everyday life and with the Love Letter Club. It’s amazing what happens when I send letters to people. They say things like:

“That was right on time.”
“How did you know I needed to hear that right now?”
“I just got goosebumps.”

Bottom line–we all need to feel loved every single day. We especially need to feel love when we are scared, sad or overwhelmed with life.


Here’s the thing: We all need to get in on this letter writing. If I could, I would write love letters to the entire world (but my fingers just don’t move fast enough). What if we all committed to writing love letters to our family members or children or significant others every so often?

What if we poured ourselves into letters that reached from our hearts directly into the heart of another? What if we went beyond just saying “I love you” and described the depths of our love for each other? What if we said what we wanted instead of letting greeting cards limit our expression?

I know what would happen. We would be encouraged. We would feel loved. We would feel warm. We would feel courageous. We would feel excited. We would feel peaceful. Most importantly, we would feel seen.

We ache to be seen. We desire so much for people to see us and connect with us.

It’s no wonder that would want to pass it on so that another soul could feel the depths of that love and feel the warmth of that light. It would create a never ending cycle of giving and receiving love.

Write a love letter today. Pour yourself into genuinely expressing just how amazing someone else makes you feel. Remind them of how great they are. Cherish their expression of life here on earth.

Change the world one love letter at a time.



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Love Letter Friday

Dear Beloved,

Take another step towards your dreams today. Lean forward and take a small leap closer to what you really want.
You can have anything that you want. You really can. I know the world or family or well meaning friends can sometimes try to stifle that possibility, but you feel that glimmer of light radiating through you. You know that it is real. The electricity that you feel is life itself wanting to come alive and be brought into reality.
Love is limitless. You are love.  You are limitless. You are boundless. You are creative. 
Every single atom inside of your body, every molecule that exists around you is constantly creating. Constantly giving you energy to take the step. Giving you the charge to make the shift. Expanding your awareness to feel the bigness of you.  The unearth the genius of you.
Move through life today feeling the eternal possibilities that exist within you. Feel the energy of the enormous gifts you have been given.
Live love out loud. 
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Take Another Step: How to stay committed to your creative dreams

Dear Love,

I want to say congratulations.  You just took the first step and took action on your creative dream.  You wrote the first page. You bought the supplies. You signed up for that class. You said yes.

But that exciting feeling has worn off leaving you frustrated and struggling to stay the course.

How do you keep going when it seems like life is conspiring against you in the form of wacky schedules, inevitable responsibilities, fatigue, and everything in between?  How to do you take another step after getting off track?

First things first, celebrate yourself more. Celebrate each step that you do take. If you got up and could only write for 5 minutes, celebrate like it’s New Years.  If you get off track, but then get started again: celebrate. Surround each step with joy and it will feel easier to take another one.

Accept when things don’t go your way.  Clear that funky energy by simply just accepting what is really going on in life. “ I didn’t do it because I had to run errands and that’s ok.”  Full on acceptance comes with so much ease so you can move onward without any shame or guilt.

Remember that being  stuck in a rut with your creative dreams does not mean you aren’t passionate.  Quite the contrary. Usually the most worthwhile endeavors have moments where it feels impossible to complete according to Steven Pressfield’s book ,War of Art. It doesn’t mean you don’t love your creative pursuit. It just means you are normal and deal with resistance. You are definitely not alone in that my friend.

Most importantly, shower yourself with lots of love. The world can be so harsh and we can be so hard on ourselves about everything.  Giving yourself more love leaves leaves you feeling more inspired in every facet of my life. You can show up for yourself when you are in a loving space to do so. Constantly remind yourself of how loved you are. Set an alarm on your phone or find a few affirmations to repeat daily. Keep that love on your mind as you navigate the choppy waters of life and pursue your creative dreams.

Here’s to a million more steps and an eternity of loving each and every minute of it.



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Kandice Cole is a writer, personal development teacher, and founder of Vulnerability is Sexy. Her mission is to empower people to live unapologetic lives right now. Kandice is the author of several personal development guides the creator of the Love Letter Club.   She recently moved to Houston, Texas with her husband and enjoys road trips, songwriting, and reading novels in her spare time. Visit to learn more about her work.


Love Letter: Take Another Step

Dear Love,

You can take one more step. Every single step matters. Every single step is shifting and expanding you. No step is too small.

I know the baby steps are annoying. They feel so small, so minute, so ineffective,  but here is the truth: A baby step is magical. It is movement. It is life moving forward and that is extraordinary.

Take that step right now. Feel the step. The weight of it. The strength of it. Lift up your head and keep moving.

This next step is like a domino, putting things in motion that you couldn’t even imagine. All that is required is a step. A breath. A word. A movement.

A whisper that says Yes. 

Yes you can do this. Yes you can overcome this. Yes you can live the life you want. Yes you can have peace of mind. Yes.

Yes. You. Always.

I love you.


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Love Letter: For Bad Days

Dear Love,

You are the highest expression of love right now.

I know that feels hard to see right now in this moment when you feel like absolutely nothing is going right. When you feel like you have pressed and feel tired. When you know your dreams are on the other side of this dark time. When your purpose and goals and everything else seems to allude you. When you have trouble believing that you are loved, let alone made up of love.

Take a deep breath. Cry. Feel whatever is right there and soften into it. Allow it to move gently through you. Surrender.

And underneath all of that toil, feel the sweet, sweet love. The love that keeps your heart beating in rhythm. The love that causes your lungs to inhale and exhale. The love that gives you goosebumps when you are moved by something. The love that shines the sun on us after the rain. The love that makes up the very cells of your body. The love that whispers your name saying ” Don’t give up ” and  “You can do it.”

You are pure, infinite love.

I love you.




Love Letters: When Life is Messy

Over on my personal Facebook page, I have been writing personalized love letters to people and have gotten an overwhelming response. I can’t write love letters to everyone individually, but I will be sharing these weekly letters from my heart to yours. 

“The Love Letters” series is a constant reminder that: YOU are LOVE and that YOU are LOVED.



Dear Beautiful You,

Right now life may feel messy ,whether from your own creating or things beyond your control. You may be experiencing disappointment, setbacks, roadblocks, and every kind of detour and you can’t help but feel discouraged.  And you know what? It’s ok to feel that way. Right now, take a deep breath and remember that you are loved right now in this very moment.  You are supported, even if you can’t see it quite yet.  And those setbacks and detours? If you look a little closer, you will start to see a diamond in the rough; a jewel in the mud; a glimmer of light in the darkness. Every detail, every tear, every mistakes, every hearbreak matters because your life matters and YOU matter. 

Love always wins and never forget that you are LOVE. 

I love you!