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A Love Letter a Day Keeps the Fear Away

I truly believe that a love letter a day keeps fear away.

I have been writing love letters since I was a little girl. I always have felt this need to brighten someone’s day or remind them of how awesome they are. I still do this in my everyday life and with the Love Letter Club. It’s amazing what happens when I send letters to people. They say things like:

“That was right on time.”
“How did you know I needed to hear that right now?”
“I just got goosebumps.”

Bottom line–we all need to feel loved every single day. We especially need to feel love when we are scared, sad or overwhelmed with life.


Here’s the thing: We all need to get in on this letter writing. If I could, I would write love letters to the entire world (but my fingers just don’t move fast enough). What if we all committed to writing love letters to our family members or children or significant others every so often?

What if we poured ourselves into letters that reached from our hearts directly into the heart of another? What if we went beyond just saying “I love you” and described the depths of our love for each other? What if we said what we wanted instead of letting greeting cards limit our expression?

I know what would happen. We would be encouraged. We would feel loved. We would feel warm. We would feel courageous. We would feel excited. We would feel peaceful. Most importantly, we would feel seen.

We ache to be seen. We desire so much for people to see us and connect with us.

It’s no wonder that would want to pass it on so that another soul could feel the depths of that love and feel the warmth of that light. It would create a never ending cycle of giving and receiving love.

Write a love letter today. Pour yourself into genuinely expressing just how amazing someone else makes you feel. Remind them of how great they are. Cherish their expression of life here on earth.

Change the world one love letter at a time.



If you don’t know how to write a love letter that’s ok!

I am doing a Pop Up Love Letter Tele-class next Monday, November 24th right before the holidays. It starts at 7pmCST and will go for 90 minutes.  You will learn how to say what you really feel, express that in writing, and write a love letter that will knock anyone’s socks off!

Option #1

The 90 minute class (includes recording mp3) + workbook (includes template and 10 ready made love letters) $15 per person.


Pop Up Love Letter Tele-class: $15 
sign up now

Option #2

Want to add a 30 minute one on one tutoring session with me after the teleclass to make sure your letter is in tip top shape? (also includes 90 minute teleclass and workbook)

Pop Up Love Letter Tele-class + Tutoring Session: $40

sign up now


This is Pop-up style, so Registration closes this Friday. Grab your spot!

Questions, comments, or love letters you want to send? Email me at

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