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Why Aren’t You Telling Your Story?

What stops us from writing? What keeps us from doing the one thing that we feel like we must do? What keeps our stories buried inside of us wanting to burst out?

The number one reason why great people like yourself aren’t sharing your story is this: You don’t believe your story matters. 

We think our story is too much, not enough, too dramatic, not dramatic enough, boring, too serious, or not serious enough. All of these thoughts and fears that convince us that our story doesn’t matter. That our story shouldn’t be shared. That people won’t “get” it.

I have been there time after time. I used to think my story wasn’t good enough. That I hadn’t struggled enough in my life. That no one wanted to hear my story. I decided to start consistently writing a few years ago.  I started writing on my blog about vulnerability, love, and living each day extraordinary.  Magical things happened as a result.  People connected with my story. They were touched by my words. They were glad that I had written. They were inspired by what I was experiencing. They were compelled to share their stories.

It begin to dawn on me that my story is MY story. Since I have experienced it, felt it, and witnessed it, it most definitely matters.  When I share it without apologizing, I am more connected to myself and to everyone around me. Our stories are what unite us. Our stories are our truth.

If you are having writer’s block or feel like you can’t share your story because its too (fill in the blank), please know that is not the truth. The truth is: Your story is extraordinary. You are a miracle. Your story matters. Your vision matters. Your life matters.

Write it down. Share it. Connect with the world.

We need  your brilliant perspective of the world. We need our words to heal. We need your story to inspire us.

We need YOU.




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