I am glad you are here! 

I’m Kandice Cole and I am the Founder and CEO of K. Cole Coaching and Consulting

K. Cole Coaching and Consulting provides services that empower clients to focus on the pillars of finding clarity, being creative and taking action.

My official bio:

Kandice is a teacher turned motivational coach, speaker, consultant, and writer. She is on a mission to encourage organizations to do impactful work and empower women to unleash their creativity in order to live the life that that really want. She writes about creativity, motherhood, freelancing, and self-care.

Kandice attended the University of Chicago, earning her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and her Master’s in Teaching. She was the 2005 recipient of the Rockefeller Brother’s Fund Fellowship for Teachers of Color. She started her teaching career in Sacramento and then went on to teach in elementary classrooms in Chicago. After leaving the formal classroom, she found other opportunities to utilize her teaching skills. She has been a consultant for the University of Chicago’s Urban Teacher Education Program; facilitated workshops for many organizations and worked in the non-profit sector.

Kandice is the author of several self-published personal development guides and is working on a fiction novel.  Her writing has been featured online at Tiny Buddha, Wild Sister Magazine, Having Time, 30 Second Mom, and many others.

Kandice lives in the Houston area with her husband and toddler daughter, Inara.

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Want to get in touch? Here are a few ways:

Email: kandice@kandicecole.com

Twitter: @kandicenate

Facebook: Kandice N Cole

Instagram: kandicecole