Personal Development

Love Letter: Own It. Claim It. Step Into It.

Dear Love

This is your race to run. Your journey to move through. Your life to live. Own it. Claim it. Step into it.
Love is not meant to hide. Creativity is not meant to be stifled. Life is not meant to be stagnant. This is who you are. Own it. Claim it. Step into it.
Hold steady and leap into your greatness. Don’t run from it. Shake off anything that keeps you feeling small. Anything that keeps you playing the “same old’ game.  Shake it off and rise.
This letter is to remind you that your greatness never left you. Your greatness never wanes. If you try to step back from it, it enlarges itself. It expands and moves around you until you can’t help but be taken by the current that it is. The world needs you. I don’t mean that in some generalized way. I don’t say those words lightly. I don’t say them for the sake of saying them.
I mean it fervently. Your greatness was given to you so that you could help other people be great. Your joy was given to you to help other people see their joy. Your gifts given to you so that others could see their gifts. Why not you. Why not you to be the most fantastic, amazing expression of love this side of eternity?
How much longer before you rise? How much longer before you take the plunge? How much longer will you survive when your one true function is to thrive?  And I can hear you faintly saying, “I hear you, but I don’t know what to do next. I am confused about the next step. How do I even do that?”
My response to you is find the fire within you. Find that burning passion and desire. Feel the heat of it. Get the goosebumps. Then make your move. Then make another. The same way you make a move when you are madly in love with someone. The same way you move heaven and hell to get something done.  The same way you push past complacency and help others. Move with the passion of who you are. Remember that it pulsates inside of you right now as you read this.   Show up.Show up boldly. Show up strongly. Show up swiftly. Keep showing up for the greatest act of your life: a fully lived moment.

Rise. Shine. Live. Love.
With so much love,
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