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Vulnerability & Writing: Into the Ocean

Imagine you are at the beach.  The sand is covered with chairs, bath towels, and people. Large amounts of people congregate a few feet off shore swimming, paddling, and wading in the water. If you look out towards the horizon, you see that a few feet beyond there are little to no people.  You swim out to this place and dive deep feeling a million miles away from the noisy, crowded beach.

Much of our lives is spent at the beach of life on the sand or wading a few feet from the shore. It quickly gets crowded, though, and we find ourselves wanted to do things differently. Yearning for quiet. Feeling a desire to move beyond our present routine. Sometimes we wade out into that unknown area of water. Sometimes we don’t.  We sometimes get to that deep, uncrowded place unexpectedly when we lose ourselves in certain activities. Many times this is what people call “the flow” Other times we have to consciously move beyond the crowded beach, leaving behind all care, worry, and expectation.

Vulnerability and Writing Prompt:  Bring to mind a space in your life, heart, mind where you are feeling crowded. How can you move beyond that crowded place and  dive deeper in to the spacious place?
Desiring to dive deeper into your writing practice? I am a writing guide and offer a one one one long term writing experience for people wanting to write with passion again called Vulnerability & Writing. 

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