Love Letters

Love Letter: For Bad Days

Dear Love,

You are the highest expression of love right now.

I know that feels hard to see right now in this moment when you feel like absolutely nothing is going right. When you feel like you have pressed and feel tired. When you know your dreams are on the other side of this dark time. When your purpose and goals and everything else seems to allude you. When you have trouble believing that you are loved, let alone made up of love.

Take a deep breath. Cry. Feel whatever is right there and soften into it. Allow it to move gently through you. Surrender.

And underneath all of that toil, feel the sweet, sweet love. The love that keeps your heart beating in rhythm. The love that causes your lungs to inhale and exhale. The love that gives you goosebumps when you are moved by something. The love that shines the sun on us after the rain. The love that makes up the very cells of your body. The love that whispers your name saying ” Don’t give up ” and  “You can do it.”

You are pure, infinite love.

I love you.




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