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Like Trees with Strong Roots

I am sitting here looking out of the window.  The wind is blowing the trees and grass in the field next door to my apartment. They sway back and forth together. It’s something beautiful to watch. It’s as if they are choir of greenery swaying back and forth praising the great Creator. They willingly let  the wind move them as they soak in the sun  from the heavens. As if to say we feel you. We are rooted but we also can expand and move.
I think of the tree roots and how deep they are in the ground.  How those roots are touching other deep roots. How all of these roots draw from the same source.   How we are all connected even to the trees and the sky.
It reminds me that am rooted and grounded in God’s love. I have been given leaves, these extensions that grow from my heart and are put out into the visible world. It comes out in writing, in talking to people, in my smile, in what I give to the world, and other ways. Those leaves me me move like a holy dance as I share their beauty with the world.
I waltz with my visions and tango with my desires.  When the wind comes just like that tree, I remember that my inner self is being fully fed. That my inner compass is still rooted even when the leaves of life change in my life. When I sway or when the leaves change colors or when the leaves fall off, the trunk of that tree and the branches still remain.
We are trees that are rooted.  When the storm and rain comes we must always remember that our inner self is always rooted even when we are swaying. Even when we are losing leaves. Even when our leaves are changing colors.   No matter how many times I reinvent my outer self, my inner self is constantly rooted.  It provides the limitless expression for growth. It keeps me strong during every season because these roots go so deep.
Let’s water our roots and honor the trunk that gives us life. When the leaves wither let them decay and provide soil to the ground that will continue to nourish our roots.
Let’s enjoy each growth of new leaves and branches while also realizing this: the force that is keeping those branches and leaves strong are invisible and often unseen.
Remember your groundedness. Remember your roots.
Delicately handle the leaves while feeling into the roots that make it all possible.

2 thoughts on “Like Trees with Strong Roots”

  1. This is a gorgeous post. It really resonates with me as I love trees and vulnerability. Nice blog!

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