Love Letters

Love Letter Friday

Dear Beloved,

Take another step towards your dreams today. Lean forward and take a small leap closer to what you really want.
You can have anything that you want. You really can. I know the world or family or well meaning friends can sometimes try to stifle that possibility, but you feel that glimmer of light radiating through you. You know that it is real. The electricity that you feel is life itself wanting to come alive and be brought into reality.
Love is limitless. You are love.  You are limitless. You are boundless. You are creative. 
Every single atom inside of your body, every molecule that exists around you is constantly creating. Constantly giving you energy to take the step. Giving you the charge to make the shift. Expanding your awareness to feel the bigness of you.  The unearth the genius of you.
Move through life today feeling the eternal possibilities that exist within you. Feel the energy of the enormous gifts you have been given.
Live love out loud. 
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