Personal Development

Vulnerability is Sexy

When I tell people the name of my site, I usually get quizzical stares which isn’t surprising. Vulnerability is a buzz word and definitely not something that people want to be associated with, but I know differently.

Vulnerability is an awareness. It is an awareness that we are all spirit. When we are stripped down of all the ego, the stuff we possess, our fears, etc, we are perfect loving spirits. This spirit pulsates in and round us all of the time. We feel this when babies are born. Their spirits are perfect and it melts even the coldest heart.

Vulnerability is the acceptance of awareness An acceptance that : we are really and truly spirit. We are conscious beings that are created from love.

Once we understand that we then know that nothing can harm and attack our spirit. That spirit is indestructible. We can move around the physical world with vulnerability because our spirits cannot be harmed.

When we connect to our spirits. When we let go of that which doesn’t serve us. When we let down the walls that we have built around our spirits, we find peace, love, and genuine connection with ourselves and others. It’s not an easy practice at times, but what becomes revealed is something to marvel at.

Vulnerability is dipping into the truth of what we have always been without fear. It is showing up to the world as a light filled being. It is accepting that our spirit needs no protecting. It is genuinely connecting with the spirit of another.

That is why vulnerability is sexy.




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