Personal Development

You Can Do It

I was doing some volunteer work with some toddlers and it was time for snack. I went to the snack cabinet which had a childproof lock on it ,hat apparently was adult proof, too. I tried for a few minutes and couldn’t figure it out. I took a breath and thanked the kids for being so patient feeling my impatience flaring up.

As I went to make another attempt, one of the children, walked up to me. She looked at me and whispered, ” You can do it.”

She walked then  away to go play with the toys.

My heart softened in that moment. I took a deep breath and got it open after seeing my error.

Sometimes all we need is a whisper that we can do it to find clarity and keep going.

You may need that today. Someone you know may need that today.

Today whisper “You can do it” to someone who you know needs it. To someone you know who has been working really hard to live better.

I whisper to you: “You can do it. You can do it. You can do it.”

Now pass it on. 



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