Love Letters

Love Letter on Fresh Starts

Kandice Cole

Dear Beloved,

Monday’s can be tough right? It’s one part “fresh start” mixed with another part “I wish my weekend had been longer.”

My hope is that you linger in today being a fresh start.  A day that will present you with new possibilities and new ideas. Breathe in deeply. Imagine this:

Endless perseverance and determination brought your life into being. Generation after generation after generation made a decision, through good times and not so great, to keep creating life. And YOU  are a result of that continuous decision.

You are a miracle. A wonder. You are the “better” part of this saga. You are the fulfillment of a dream. A reminder that humanity wills itself to keep going even in the face of adversity. Your heart beats from a lineage that refuses to quit. That is the power encased in each breath you take today.

Tread powerfully through this day. Refresh yourself. Inhale and exhale with grace as you continue to craft your legacy. The day has just begun and you, my friend, have so much life to live today.



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