Love Letters

Love Letter: Take Another Step

Dear Love,

You can take one more step. Every single step matters. Every single step is shifting and expanding you. No step is too small.

I know the baby steps are annoying. They feel so small, so minute, so ineffective,  but here is the truth: A baby step is magical. It is movement. It is life moving forward and that is extraordinary.

Take that step right now. Feel the step. The weight of it. The strength of it. Lift up your head and keep moving.

This next step is like a domino, putting things in motion that you couldn’t even imagine. All that is required is a step. A breath. A word. A movement.

A whisper that says Yes. 

Yes you can do this. Yes you can overcome this. Yes you can live the life you want. Yes you can have peace of mind. Yes.

Yes. You. Always.

I love you.


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