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Love Letters: When Life is Messy

Over on my personal Facebook page, I have been writing personalized love letters to people and have gotten an overwhelming response. I can’t write love letters to everyone individually, but I will be sharing these weekly letters from my heart to yours. 

“The Love Letters” series is a constant reminder that: YOU are LOVE and that YOU are LOVED.



Dear Beautiful You,

Right now life may feel messy ,whether from your own creating or things beyond your control. You may be experiencing disappointment, setbacks, roadblocks, and every kind of detour and you can’t help but feel discouraged.  And you know what? It’s ok to feel that way. Right now, take a deep breath and remember that you are loved right now in this very moment.  You are supported, even if you can’t see it quite yet.  And those setbacks and detours? If you look a little closer, you will start to see a diamond in the rough; a jewel in the mud; a glimmer of light in the darkness. Every detail, every tear, every mistakes, every hearbreak matters because your life matters and YOU matter. 

Love always wins and never forget that you are LOVE. 

I love you! 


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