Personal Development, Vulnerability and Writing

Vulnerability and Writing: Broken and Dry





I was preparing a recipe that called for the juice of half a lime. I had half a lime on my counter that had been sitting overnight. The skin and outer pulp was quite dry.  I tried to squeeze the lime and the skin started to crack. I cut it  into quarters attempting to give it one more try. I was almost done with dinner and really didn’t feel like going up to the store for one ingredient.   I gave it a hard sqeeze and juice started to flow out.

I am reminded that underneath the broken,  cracked pieces of our lives flows a river of inspiration.  Beneath our deferred dreams and abandoned hope is life. Within the deserts of our lives exists comfort for our thirst in the most unlikely places. Sometimes we have to squeeze a little harder and dig in deeper to feel the fertile soils.

What is longing  to burst out and blossom from your soul?





I want to hear from you! What everyday experience has taught you a huge lesson and given you wisdom?  I would love to feature your story on my site. Please email me at


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