Personal Development

Great. Right Now.

My godson had his bday this past weekend. After the party ended ,we sat in the living room hanging out. A music video of Usher dancing came on the television. I asked my godson if he thought he could dance as good as Usher. He casually said, “No.”  For the record he is a dancing machine.

I am asked him why he said no. He casually replied, ” Because I can dance better than him.” He proceeded to play with his birthday gifts.


Moments like this remind me that the only thing that truly matters is what we think of ourselves. What ultimately determines our success and sets us apart is how we view ourselves. What we see on the inside is what we project on the outside. That which we live internally will begin to spill out into our external reality at some point.

And if you are feeling that not-enoughness that it all too easy to feel in the world we live in, I ask you to reconsider. Because who are you not to say and feel great? And the most beautiful truth of all is that you are great right now, enough right now at this very second. Nothing to prove. Just minute after gorgeous minute of simply being your naturally brilliant and already worthy self.

Go on and be that so that we can all admire your awesome magical light while shining ours too.





I want to hear from you! What everyday experience has taught you a huge lesson and given you wisdom?  I would love to feature your story on my site. Please email me at

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