Everyday Extraordinary

Into the Water: Everyday Wisdom for Extraordinary Living




I went to Barton Springs with my hubby while we were on vacation in Austin, TX. It was a hot day and the cool water was a welcome relief. I stepped into the sand, cold water sloshing around my ankles. I began walking further, the water getting deeper. I stepped onto a rock that was covered with moss and it felt extremely slippery underneath my foot. I backed back up into the sand.I didn’t want to take a chance falling or hurting myself. My husband urged me to try again, telling me to put my weight on the back of my feet as he had did.

For about 5 minutes, I complained about not wanting to get any further into the water. I contemplated walking back to the cottage. My husband took  a hold of my hand again and guided me in patiently. I started to walk on the rocks and immediately felt myself wiping out, only being held up by my husband’s strong grasp. I got my footing together and finally started to ease into the deeper water.

Slippery step taking is what we do all of the time.  The next step can be mysterious. It can feel like a slippery slope. What if I fall and mess up? It’s enough to make you want to stay in the familiar territory that you know. But then something happens that I  felt over and over again in my life. There comes a time when I have to stop treading the shallow, comfortable waters and immerse myself in the deep.  I don’t This deep that beckons me. This deep that holds my greatest desires. When I feel like I may burst if I don’t move forward. I know that I must take this next step that keeps calling me forward into this deep sea of infinite possibility.

Take your step.Fall and get back up. Stay put and throw a tantrum when necessary. Ask for guidance and accept it wholeheartedly when it arrives.

Continuing taking steps.

Wade around in your genius spirit that is abundant in everything. 




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