Personal Development

Is it Time for You to Start Back Writing?



A few years ago , I was feeling stifled. I was doing little to no writing. I was getting increasingly frustrated. I felt like I wanted to burst. It was as if I had dammed up my soul’s yearnings. I was afraid of what might leak out on that page. What would happen next if I took that first step.

You may be feeling this way. You have thoughts to write, questions to etch, ideas to birth.  Feelings to feel and stories to tell. And they have largely gone unwritten. I could give you tips about how to start back writing, but you know this. Ultimately it involves getting some paper or a blank screen and getting to it.

What I do want to tell you is this: If the desire to get back to writing keeps getting stronger,  then you must start writing now. Break out the journal.  Scribble on a napkin. Take 5 brief minutes to write something anything down. Write like fire. Write without caring about how its supposed to look. Allow the words to flow through you and write themselves.

Writing has been my lifeline, giving me the freedom to express all that was bound up inside of me. To allow energy to flow. To hear the voices of generations past. To express my innate wisdom. Above all it has been about healing. My writing has always been interconnected with my own personal growth and healing process.

There is a reason, which may be unclear right now, that you feel compelled to get back writing. Why the desire won’t leave you alone.  Why you have to fight yourself so hard not to do it.  Why you tire  yourself out to avoid doing it. There is something great on the other side of that resistance. Healing.  Growth. Connection. Love. Clarity.


Ready to get back writing? 

 I invite you to  join me for 7 day Vulnerability is Sexy writing challenge starting September 8th.   You will receive email challenges and writing prompts for 7 days that will jumpstart your writing practice and help you notice the extraordinary in everyday. Sign up Now! 

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