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Trust Your Process

I vividly remember teaching the insect unit to 2nd graders at NKO. One reason was that any type of bug made me squeamish. The other was that the last insect the students learned about were butterflies. We would learn about caterpillars and all the stages it took to get to a butterfly, while actually watching the live process happen in the butterfly habitat set up in the classroom.

The kiddos were fascinated by everything- how large the caterpillar grew to the making of the cocoon. For several days students anxiously waited for that cocoon to open up and reveal the butterfly. I’m sure to a 2nd grader, it felt more like a hundred years. They painstakingly watched, hoping for a sign of what was going on. Many of them grew impatient, becoming less interested.  Other students continued watching and would get the class riled up if they saw the faintest quiver. That slight movement would remind them that a butterfly was in there evolving and would certainly come out soon.


I say all of this to say: Keep with your process even when the movement seems slight. Even when people who love you (or don’t) start off interested only to become impatient or less supportive as time goes on. They may lose sight as you grow but like that butterfly you have to be in the cocoon. You have to stay until it’s time. And I believe that we know when it’s time because life will let you know that –some call in synchronicity, others serendipity, or divine timing.

You will emerge with that idea, that project, that new way of thinking, that lifestyle change, that aha moment. It will be a brilliant alignment and integration to your highest self . Then folks won’t be able to take their eyes off you in the same way that kids and adults alike are fascinated with butterflies.

Keep Growing. Trust your Process. Emerge Boldly.


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4 thoughts on “Trust Your Process”

  1. Lovely post! I have never watched a butterfly emerge from a coccoon. But it’s on my bucket list 🙂 I so agree with you though! Trusting the process is tough and it requires so much patience… but it pays off!

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