Personal Development, Vulnerability and Writing

Vulnerability & Writing: Beautiful Adventure

Yesterday , my husband told me to put on my clothes so we could go on an adventure. We took an impromptu trip to Galveston island which is about 60 miles from where we live.  Driving along the coast was a sight to see.  We talked about business ideas and sang along to songs on the radio (the Andre 3000 station on Pandora is highly recommended!).  There were moments of laughter and silence.  And we enjoyed hot dogs, tater tots, and mango lemonade for lunch.  We arrived back to home that evening tired and fulfilled.


In these moments, I am reminded that I get to create my own happy . We get to experience life each day.  This life that’s full of beautiful adventures  which we can give to ourselves in the most simple ways. I learned today that adventure doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. It can be simple, beautiful, and refreshing.

What beautiful adventure can you give yourself?







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