Things I Love on Thursday

Things I’m Loving on Thursday

Here are a few things that I have really enjoyed this week. Dive into a few of them if you have some time this weekend!


Reading by the Pool. My new apartment in Texas has a pool on site. I love lounging in the cabana area and reading books. Great time to recharge and relax each day.



Extensions of the Heart, Instruments of the Soul. Julie Daley is a deeply loved and respected colleague of mine. Her writing is full of beauty, connectedness, and truth.  In this piece she writes, ” touch is prayer in motion”.  What a beautiful way to think about touch and being connected to our flesh. Read here.





Stay with Me by Sam Smith. This is one of those songs that I had wish I wrote. I love that the lyrics take something like a one night stand and layers it with emotion and complexity. Also, Sam Smith’s voice is simply amazing. Could listen to him sing for hours on end.



Cooking.  Yesterday I made a tasty chicken salad with this Pioneer Woman recipe. It was so fresh and woke up my taste buds. I am loving trying to recipes and experimenting with new flavors.  It really does wake up creative genius.


Webisodes. I am diving into the world of Web Series and found one that I can’t get enough of called Roomie Lover Friends. I love these web episodes because they are short and sweet but are created by super talented folks. Looking forward to finding other great series this weekend.


What are you loving this Thursday?

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