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Vulnerability and Writing: Tenderness

Now that I am settled in Texas, I am going to start back with the Vulnerability and Writing prompts weekly. For those of you that don’t know here is a brief synopsis of Vulnerability and Writing:

Every Wednesday, I am going to post up a question or thought that I hope you will dig into on your own experience and desires.  I encourage you to get a paper journal or even online space (like and simply write. This isn’t about editing yourself. Its about complete transparency with yourself.  Exploration. It may be words. It may be images you see. Whatever it is, get it on the page, unedited and messy.

I have been feeling the softness of my being as I adjust to living in a new place and new climate. I have had some moments of tenderness and tears. Moments that I don’t try to explain. Rather I just experience them as they come and hold myself gently during those moments. I think that life speaks to us in these soft times. I think that allowing ourselves to be tender in a world that sometimes asks us to be rigid is so necessary. In the tender moments we are connected with our own souls and that of the world.


Vulnerability & Writing Prompt:

What feels tender within you?

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