Personal Development

Embracing Space



This past weekend, me and the husband moved into our new apartment in Texas. I absolutely love it and am so blessed. Our new place is over 3 times the size of the small space we had in Chicago, which means a ton of space to furnish and decorate.  We came to Texas with very little stuff (we only brought what could fit in the back of my husband’s Jeep.).  There are a few boxes, but other than that the space is wide open. Sound is bouncing everywhere. I find myself twirling around with my arms stretched wide.  I actually appreciate the lack of furniture  at the moment and don’t want to fill it up quite yet. Rather, I find myself taking a slower approach to putting things into the space. I am actually feeling what the space feels like and just being in it.

And this is the story of living. We do the self work. We forgive. We let go of relationships, patterns, and burdens. We clear out all types of clutter. Then, we find clarity.  We find peace. We feel refreshed. It’s like we have a clean slate. As we move into new spaces in our lives, we must  honor the sacred work we have done by delicately bringing things into this new space that speak to our highest good and reflect our highest selves. And sometimes that requires patience as we seek new relationships, thoughts, and paths in our lives.

Here’s to embracing wide open spaces.




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