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Getting Muddy: Reverb13, Day 12

Reverb13, Day 12 Prompt:

I’m a big fan of muddy experiences. They become our greatest teachers when we’re wise enough to exfoliate with them; roll around in the deep until we finally feel ready to get clean. 
Today, identify something muddy that kept recurring for you throughout 2013, and then ask yourself this: What’s the clear truth underneath this damn mud if I finally wash myself clean?

 This year I found myself getting muddy in the experience of doing too much many things at one time. Time and time again I followed this pattern: I would start with a spacious calendar, then slowly but surely say yes too one to many things which I would attempt to do but then crash and burn. This usually was me breaking down and having a melt down, getting physically sick, or feeling super depleted. Time and time again, I did this. Time and time I got muddy and now I’m ready to come clean.

Underneath all of that mud is the truth that it is ok for me to breathe. That it is ok to say no so that I can keep my tank full. That it is ok to have lots of space and only I can give myself that permission, not anyone else. I get to choose how my life goes. More than anything, my being is far more important than the relentless doing.

In 2014, I’m giving myself even more breathing room. More wide open spaces to roam freely. Less packed schedules and more freedom to embrace the spaciousness that my soul desires.

More Being. Less Busy. Full Heart.



2 thoughts on “Getting Muddy: Reverb13, Day 12”

  1. I am chuckling with resemblance … doing too many things, filling up a calendar. It is like a compulsion. I want slow but I won’t allow it. I just had this realization, reading your words. Thank you for the wake up call. If I want what I say I want, i have to create space for it. yes.

    1. Cynthia we are in this together! In 2014 we are making space for what we want! Thanks for reading and reminding me that I am not in this alone!

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