Personal Development

Pressing Mute

I was visiting my parents and watching a Christmas movie on TV with my Mom. A commercial came on and the sound on the television went silent.

“Mom, something is wrong with the TV? The sound isn’t working,” I said, turning to her.

“No, I muted it,” she said as the commercials played in silence.

I laughed a bit and then asked her why she muted the commercials.

“I don’t like to listen to them, so I mute it.”

“Hmm ok,” I said while we both sat in silence for the next three minutes.

It felt weird to sit in that silence at first, but after the second commercial my busy mind settled into it. I sat rocking in the recliner and enjoying the silence.

In that moment I learned that  I can give myself sanctuary no matter how busy life may appear and that it is a very simple thing to do. That sanctuary is available every minute of the day.

 Sometimes we just have to press mute for a second to calm down and reconnect to what matters. In those moments of silence I felt calmer and more connected with my body. I also felt  closer to my mother as we enjoyed this silent experience together.

Let’s all take a moment to find some quiet today.

Press Mute. Create Sanctuary. Breathe Deeply.






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