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On Challenges and Trusting: Reverb13, Day 11

Reverb13, Day 11 Prompt:

What challenges lie ahead in 2014? How might you meet them boldly?

The challenge that lies ahead for me is getting my business up and running so that it can support me full time. For the past 2 years I have tried, failed, and tried again, even taken a break on things. I have gotten discouraged and even a bit complacent when things haven’t gone how I wanted.

Going into 2014 feels different. I have a different excitement, motivation, and clarity about moving forward and seeing this through so that I can realize my entrepreneurial ambition full time. It’s time.

Meeting those challenges boldly and confidently is the key and I know the first way is to own what I do which is this: I’m a writer, speaker, and teacher who is on a mission to help people make everyday extraordinary so that they can be their best self right now. I have been grounding into that and being more confident about the title, which feels good to me. In 2014, I will be creating more products and launching them into the world in heartfelt ways. I will stay positive and keep gratitude at the center of every experience and every lesson that I learn.

The biggest thing will be for me to trust myself, trust the vision I have, and trust the wisdom that is pulsating through me. If I do that in 2014, I know that those challenges will lead to a greater realization of my dreams.



4 thoughts on “On Challenges and Trusting: Reverb13, Day 11”

  1. I hear that! Over time, I’ve realized that my instincts have always been spot on when I’ve been feeling a bit wishy washy. Keep an ear to whatever your compass is, and you’ll shine!

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