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Compassion and Tenderness: Reverb13, Day 3

Reverb13: Day 3 Prompt:

Each day for 31 days, I sat quietly for a few moments with my eyes closed and my hand on my heart and asked, “Heart: what do you need?”

And then I listened. Sometimes the answer cam in the form of a word. Sometimes an image. Sometimes a sensation.

Try this today. What does your heart have to tell you?


This has been one of those mornings where nothing is going right. Woke up late, couldn’t find my clothes, phone is dead, and the list goes on and on and on.

So today this felt like exactly what I needed. I took a few deep breaths and asked “Heart: what do you need?”

The answer: Compassion and tenderness.

Today, I will give my heart what it needs.



5 thoughts on “Compassion and Tenderness: Reverb13, Day 3”

    1. Thank you so much everyone for your beautiful comments. A little tenderness and compassion went a long way today and the day turned around to be amazing full of laughter and time with friends 🙂

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