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Nourishing the Soul: Reverb13, Day 2

Reverb 13: Day 2 Prompt:

What made your soul feel most nourished this year?

As I drink my tea, this post makes me take a deep breath. Just thinking about soul nourishment brings a sigh of relief. This year I learned a lot about creating healthy boundaries and speaking up for myself.  At times it felt so foreign, it felt hard, it felt like I was flexing a new muscle (well, now that I think about it, I actually was.)

It is during those times that my soul needed the most nourishing, when I was yearning for space to recharge, refresh, and renew on this long winding road called growth. Here are a few things that nourished me in 2013:

1. Rest. Deep, comforting sleep made me feel like a new person. I have a tendency to avoid naps and stay busy, but this year I tapped into the power of resting.

2. Going outside and being with nature. Whether it was walking on the lake near my house or me and my husband taking a road trip to a national park, I felt like I was given new life being in nature.

3. Hot Tea. In the morning, I started a ritual of making a cup of tea and sipping it slowly for about 15 minutes.

4. Talking with my creativity coach. She is amazing and constantly reminds me of my divine nature and inner wisdom

5. My husbands hugs. Human touch and affection is beyond powerful.

And that is what nourished my soul this year. May we all find beautiful, nourishing spaces for our precious souls.





4 thoughts on “Nourishing the Soul: Reverb13, Day 2”

  1. reading your post, I realize that every time I hug my husband goodbye, I stop and put my ear against his chest, listening to his heart beat, matching my breath to his, and I feel full. Just that and I am brought back to earth when it all seems spinning out of control.

    I am so glad you are sharing your life. The back and forth conversations help all of stretch and grow. Thank you!

  2. Rest. and tea. Such wonderful things. I’ve started having tea in the evenings, after I meditate. It’s all part of an evening ritual that I’m designing to help me rest. As a life-long insomniac (since I was a very young child), sleep and rest are hard for me to come by. I broke down and asked my doctor for help, and we’ve come up with this plan. He’s given me medication for my headaches that helps me sleep and I’m creating this signal to my body to just sleep. Bit by bit it is helping.

    1. That sounds wonderful Jen. I too have trouble sleeping and think I will add tea and meditation in my evening routine as well. What kind of tea do you drink?

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