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The Beginning: Reverb13, Day 1

I love reflecting before the New Year begins and have been doing so via Reverb for a few years. This year, I will be posting #Reverb13 reflections from the wonderfully written prompts from Kat McNally (there is still time to join in!)

Here is to closing out an amazing year and preparing for an even better new one!

Reverb 13, Day 1 Prompt: How do you feel, on this first day, in your mind? In your body? In your heart? In your soul?

I feel like I am getting my footing literally and metaphorically. I just got over a really bad cold and am finally getting my voice back after being hoarse for nearly five days. Right now I am feeling a lot better and ready to get the week started and the new year. In my heart, I feel hopeful but most of all I feel grounded. This year has been a lot about rooting into my truth and stepping into the fullness of who I am step by step.

Today, I feel calm and ready for whatever it is that life will bring to me. I feel ready to dance with it rather than fight the current. I feel as if my strength is rising and I feel ready to shine.






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