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Getting Used to Something Different: Reverb13, Day 4

Reverb 13: Day 4 Prompt:

This past year, we have all experienced so much loss and experienced so much grief — in relationships, through sickness and death, from mental illness or abuse, because of finances, even due to the need for healthy change.

It is good to honor those shifts, to fully feel them, so that we can let go of what needs surrendered, and remember what is worthy of our love and gratitude.

What have you lost, what are you grieving?

This year I lost a few things like my cell phone and keys, but what comes to mind for me is that I lost the need to have it all figured out and the need to please people all of the time. I let myself detach from over thinking about how and when things should happen and decided to be more present with the rhythm of life.

And you know what I am grieving that because for 29 years that was how I lived and where I became comfortable and it had served a purpose for a time.   It does feel like a loss since those thought pattern doesn’t serve me anymore. And it changes how I interact with certain people who knew me to be a certain way for so long and now are getting used to something different. Being in this space of flow, ease, and ultimately trust feels new and sometimes really uncomfortable, but I know this will not last forever and that I can be gentle with myself during this time of growth.



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