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Totally Risky, Totally Worth It: Reverb13, Day 5

Reverb13, Day 5 Prompt:

What was the greatest risk you took in 2013? What was the outcome?

This year the  greatest risk I took was moving out of a living situation that was less than optimal. Me and my husband decided to move in the midst of a time when odds were stacked against us especially in the area of our finances. We intentionally downsized to 325 sq. ft studio (from a 2000 sq. ft condo) because we knew that no amount of space was worth not having peace of mind. It was quite the adjustment not just physically moving into a small space but also deciding to let go of a pretty toxic living situation which involved people that we loved dearly. It was an uncomfortable and chaotic transition.

What happened after was nothing short of beautiful and things began to fall into place. Because expenses are low we are able to do more of what we love like taking road trips.  My financial situation and that of my husband got a ton better and we literally tripled our monthly income in a matter of months. We went to concerts and hung out more because our energy wasn’t sucked into a negative space. Our home is not a sanctuary. When I step into the door I take a long, deep breath and am immensely grateful that we took the plunge.

Totally risky. Totally worth it. And a powerful reminder that I always, always have a choice no matter how tough a situation may appear.



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