30 by 31

30 by 31: Keep Doing the Work

I have done a lot of self work. You know getting down to the nitty gritty with yourself and examining your patterns and beliefs. Working bit by bit to change what isn’t working and amplify what is the truth (which is that we are all perfection all the time even if we don’t realize it.) For me, it has been painful, relieving, uncomfortable, and pure joy all wrapped up together. I have had to grapple with stories that were stuck in my psyche and make a conscious decision to change the narrative.

This work never ends. I always hear people say “I am going to spend this year working on myself.” Honestly, it’s a continual progress. Yes, some years you dive deeper than others, but every day I have to show up and do the work. I have to check thoughts. I have to make sure my actions are in alignment with my desires. I have to let go. It doesn’t stop. Accepting that it doesn’t stop gives me a whole heck of a lot of peace about the process.

images (5)

This is one beautiful constant journey.

30 by 31 Lesson #12: Keep doing your self work. Keep making your inner renewal a priority each day.



What is 30 by 31 all about? I turn 31 next month, and want to reflect on my first year as a thirtysomething. Follow my journey here as I post each day with another 30 by 31 lesson.

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