Everyday Extraordinary, Personal Development

Looking in the Mirror



The baby lifted her head to the mirror while she was playing with her toy. She observed her image, at first with a bit of confusion, before a huge smile burst onto her face. A smile of recognition. That is me. She looked back down to play with the block, but then quickly raised her head up again at the mirror. This time with no confusion, only a huge smile and a loud fit of laughter.

Watching the baby do this, something dawned on me. We start our lives completely enjoying our image. It is as if we can easily recognize that we are pure joy.  Over time, because of societal messages, our families comments, friends, and everything in between, we start to dislike looking at our image, and not just the physical one.
Let’s return back to that child like joy.  Let’s begin to see ourselves with new, fresh eyes where we acknowledge all of the goodness that is inside of us. Let’s  honor the fact that we are amazing beautiful right now in every way.
It’s my hope that today you will look in the mirror ,both physically and metaphorically, beholding a smile at the awesomeness that is YOU.
After all, this is the complete and utter truth.

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