Personal Development

Dreaming Big, Leaping Small

My godson is creating a business and has been brainstorming ideas. His mom texted me and said he had decided on designing video games.

Ambitious, right? This is an awesome goal and it’s also a  huge leap for him right now at 8 years old. It may take a bit more time than he bargained for, considering that he desires to make some money right now.

Now, she didn’t discourage him from the goal because with some information and practice, he will be designing video games in no time (and this will be very soon since kids are so doggone advanced). She did want some ideas for how to keep that fire lit while he works up to that making money.

We started brainstorming a few in between possiblities. He could sketch game scenes and turn them into a comic book to sell. He could collect used video games and sell them on ebay. Or  do some research and write a book all about the things you need to do to start designing games, selling it to other kids his age. She could sign him up for a design camp for kids.

Bottom line, there are so many steps he could go while still honoring his big desire to design video games. And who knows where it may lead, but it’s going to be awesome whatever it is.

And so it is for all us, too. That big dream you have wants to come to past, but it may take a series of leaps versus one big jump. Make the transition fun. Make it easy, and align it with your core desires. S o many times we here about the woes of the journey, but you get to also enjoy the journey, too.

What’s your big, big dream? What fun leaps are you going to start taking right now to get there right now?

You are get to dream. You get to bring it to past. You get to love every step on the way there.



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