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Are You Faking It More Than You Are Making It?

You ever hear someone say,” Fake it ’til you make it!”? 

I know that I have. I also find myself saying it,too.  I often wonder though:  is that totally true?

I mean, what if you are doing more faking it, then actually making it?

It has become quite common to equate “fake it ’til you make it” with being positive and optimistic. Now, I am all for positivity but I am also dedicated to vulnerability and truth. I believe that if we  take a second look at fake it ’til you make it, it can actually yield more joy than we ever imagined.

If you feel like you are doing more faking and less making, then here are 3 thing worth considering.

Stop and Acknowledge. It’s perfectly fine to say something isn’t working. It’s ok to say you are feeling impatient, confused, or frustrated. Sometimes in “fake it until we make it” mode, we can forget to just acknowledge what is true and real at the moment. It’s not about a right or wrong thing. It’s about a truth thing. When we move towards truth, we ultimately move towards love. Moving towards love moves us towards peace, joy, and all thing abundant.

Ask for help. Let’s say things are not going the way you wanted. You’re working on confidence but still feel terrified inside. You are putting your best foot forward in business but still have no clients. Ask for help. Seek out assistance. Faking it ’til you Make it, doesn’t mean pretending like you don’t need help. Who knows what that request will get you? Who knows what simple piece of advice/help/assistance can bring bigger results than you ever imagined?

Reflect and Evaluate. Many times, unconscious beliefs and thoughts that were formed long ago, are still running the show. It’s often why we find ourselves in the same situation over and over again, scratching our heads wondering why. Maybe you are “not making it” because you have to let go of some thought or some block that is sabotaging all your great effort. Give yourself some time to let those thoughts and fears come up so you can move on through them. You may need to work with someone to uncover them, but trust me it is worth the investment.

You were born to make it. Born to thrive not merely survive. Here is too less faking it and more making it, my friend!

Love and Light,


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