Personal Development

Kindness and Power

Kindness does not equal powerlessness. 

I must admit, that in the name of being “kind”, I have given my power away. I have played small with my business, hesitated to raise my rates, not spoken up in certain relationships, and the list goes on.  In all this giving away of my power, I realized I wasn’t being kind at all too myself (and ultimately to others).

Being kind means being generous, understanding, and beneficial. It is not beneficial to give away your power or play small so other people can play small too. Or not own all of your strengths and show them to the world. 

Somewhere along my journey, I thought that standing in my power was wrong, that power only wielded negative things, because of a really messed up story that society has told us. 

Power in it’s most basic definition, means the ability to act or produce an effect. It’s a source or means of supplying energy. 

Kindness when rooted in your unique power makes for life changing force. 

Be kind. Be Powerful. Be Bright. 



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