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40 Ways to Get Over the Rainy Day Blues

Ever had a day where it seems like you just can’t shake the blues? Maybe its for no reason in particular. Maybe its because you are overwhelmed. 

I have been there with you. In fact I was there today and took a few hours to have a good cry. Nobody is supposed to be perfect. We all have those days where we rather stay in bed (and sometimes that;s the best cure). I share with you my personal 40 ways to got over the blues. 

40 Ways to Get Over the Rainy Day Blues

1. Put on makeup and a nice outfit

2. Take a walk around the block

3. Take a walk around the block in makeup and nice outfit

4. Dance to “Shake it Out” by Florence and the Machine

5. Hold a baby

6. Slowly eat a piece of chocolate

7. Write your future self a love letter

8. Read Danielle LaPorte’s Manifesto of Encouragement

9. Take a nap

10. Let yourself cry

11. Take a hot shower or bath

12. Watch Long Island Medium or Shipping Wars

13. Revel in the laughter of this baby

14. Look at Boards on Pinterest

15. Order takeout (my fave is chicken pad thai)

16. Take 10 deep breaths

17. Call a friend

18. Watch an episode of Scandal (or the whole season)

19. Make a fruit smoothie

20. Post a hilarious status on Facebook

21. Read a new magazine

22. Plan your dream getaway (look up flights, hotels, etc.)

23. Listen to Janelle Monae’s Pandora Station

24. Drink a glass of wine

25. Paint your nails

26. Put on perfume

27. Jump up and down 15 times

28. Sketch with a paper and pen

29. Declutter a room in the house

30. Look up your horoscope over on Astrostyle

31. Take a free course on Coursera

32. Write in a journal

33.  Try a new recipe

34. Read Gabrielle Bernstein’s May Cause Miracles 

35. Take a random road/bike/public transportation trip

36. Buy a new fancy bra

37. Make a dope playlist

38. Eat a slice of Quiche Lorraine

39. Listen to an Audiobook

40. Make a Gratitude List


I’m curious to know: What things to you do to get over the rainy day blues? Share with me in comments below!







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