Personal Development

Everyday Extraordinary: Car Shows and Curiosity

Two weeks ago, my husband and I took Inara to get some Italian ice. After we finished, we drove around the area with no particular place in mind. A few minutes later we found ourselves at a car show that was raising money for a program at a local college. My husband took pictures and I walked around with Inara pointing at all the cars. My husband was taking close up pictures of a car that had a pretty cool looking grill. Inara let go of my hand and plopped down right in front of the car so that it was only a few inches from her face. She made faces since the front was reflective and happily examined the car for a few minutes.

20180729_133249_HDR_2 (1)

Curiosity is powerful. I am amazed at young children’s ability to be curious about everything. Their ability to explore something without any expectations. And to completely live in the moment. As adults, we often let that curiosity fall to the wayside. We allow life to become so predictable that we forget how to explore. How to be in a moment without being distracted. How to look at something with new eyes. How to slow down long enough to notice. How to do something without needing a schedule or agenda.

Sometimes curiosity can be the best form of self-care. Sometimes curiosity can be the birthplace of our next great idea. Sometimes curiosity can remind us that we are far more free than we think.

Let your curiosity flourish. Explore with new eyes. Find the extraordinary in every day.

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