Personal Development

Join me on my book writing journey

I am finally working on another book about women tapping into their creative power and living more fulfilled lives.
Over the past few months (really years), I have had conversations with women who are longing and hungering for more. We can be #goals and still feel disconnected from our purpose. We can be highly accomplished while also experiencing extreme burnout. We can have everyone rooting for us, yet feel like we are drowning.
I know this story well because this is my story, too. I have set expectations so high for myself that I have folded under that pressure. I have done everything that everyone wanted me to do, so much so that I forgot what I actually desired. I hit a point though, where I couldn’t outrun myself any longer. I had to stop and do some work on me so that I could actually do the work I was called to do here on earth.
And so I am writing about my ongoing in hopes that it will encourage one more woman to pause, take off her cape, and relax into the highest, most truthful expression of herself.
This is why I write. This is why I coach. This is why I speak.  I want to remind as many people as I can that their precious lives are meant to be lived not merely tolerated. I cannot wait to share the book with you soon.

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