Personal Development

Everyday Extraordinary: What Toddler Ballet Taught me about Showing Up


My two-year-old daughter takes ballet every week. A dance class made up entirely of two-year-olds is CHAOS. Most of the time, Inara rolls on the floor or hops around the room, completely ignoring her wonderful teacher, Ms. Robin. Class after class, Ms. Robin goes over the dance moves. The routine doesn’t change, and she reminds the little dances to plie, then passe. Over and over again. She reassures all the parents that this is a part of the process and that showing up consistently does work.
Let’s just say I had my doubts.
While I was making dinner a few days ago, I said “plie” just like Ms. Robin does week after week. Imagine my surprise when Inara actually did it, correctly! Turns out she was listening to Ms. Robin. She even did a passe, too. I was in shock and Inara was beaming proudly. 
Isn’t life like this, too? We get into a new routine. We begin learning something new. Maybe we start working with a mentor or coach. And it seems like none of it is working at first. Then, all of a sudden things start to click. We know more than we thought we knew. And we start to make lots of progress.  You absorb way more than you thought. Keep going, my friend. Keep going. 
Trust the process. Keep showing up. Watch the magic unfold. Surprise yourself. 


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