Personal Development

The Invitation


It's not always abouttrying to fix somethingthat's broken.


Imagine that you are hosting an epic party. Invitations have been sent and everyone has confirmed attendance. You created the playlist to rival all playlists. The menu is carefully crafted and delicious. You have a stunning outfit. Your hair and makeup is on point.

After months of planning, you are ready for your guests to arrive. The doorbell rings and you warmly greet your guests.   Guests are mingling and everything is going smoothly. The doorbell rings and an uninvited guest is at the door. They try to convince you to let them in, but you are through with that chapter of your life. You calmly tell the uninvited guest to leave and the party continues on.

I like to think that our lives are something like this party. We constantly are planning and creating our best lives. We take steps and make moves in order to live life on our own terms.  It’s important to intentionally choose the guests that are invited. Guests like inspiration, joy, passion, and love are guests keep that party going. They give us the fuel to keep living our best life and shining.   

Unfortunately, uninvited guests like doubt, fear, and apathy show up. When they attempt to sabotage the work we are doing, we have to tell them to keep it moving. I know from my own experience that this can feel so hard, especially when I have allowed those thoughts to run the show. It can feel impossible to get them to leave, but you are strong, remember that.

You are the architect of your life. You get to choose who and what you invite to the party.

Invite beliefs and thoughts (and people) that move your life forward. If a guest does not add life and value to the party, find a way to get them out of there, so that you can focus on rest of your amazing party guests.

You have to make room for what you really want.  If your party is crowded with other guest you don’t want, you have to let them go. Invite more abundance. Invite more joy. Invite more love. Invite more of what you want. And once it arrives, do all that you can to embrace your guests and make them feel welcome.

May your life be the grandest party ever.

2 thoughts on “The Invitation”

  1. All I can say is “Help me God” and thank you Kandice! This is exactly what I needed for such a time as this as I stand at the pinnacle of MY moment in life I only invite love, support & good vibes!

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