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Navigating the “In Between Spaces” in Your Life


Life is one transition after another. We start in one place. Then we land in another and yet another. I know that I am a different person now than a few years ago, even a few months ago. Having made all of this progress, I still find myself taking the next step. I am wading into mysterious water as I seek to bring my vision to life.

In the midst of achievement, we still find ourselves transitioning to other spaces don’t we? This idea of “arriving” is quite fluid. As soon as we reach one place, we find ourselves making moves to the next space. This means that we are constantly finding ourselves in between where we used to be and where we want to be. Sometimes we are closer to our next destination. Other times, we are much further away from the finish line.  Wherever you may find yourself, being “in between” stages can feel endless, even discouraging. It is like the butterfly patiently waiting in the cocoon to make their glorious debut. Sometimes it can make us feel antsy like a child who keeps asking “Are we there yet “ on a road trip.

If you find yourself wondering “Am I there yet?”, don’t lose heart. You may be experiencing transition in your work, business, relationships, and every other area of life. You may be experiencing a lot of transitions all at once. In the midst of that remember that you are becoming something beautiful. You are becoming more of who you really are in this process.

Acknowledging the beauty of the process doesn’t change the fact that you have to live life. Transition is incredibly uncomfortable and downright hard.  It’s important to stay energized during transition so that you can keep taking steps to the next finish line of your race. Renewed energy keeps you going even in the final hours when you want to quit.

Here are a few ways that have helped me navigate the “in between” spaces in life. I hope they help you, too. 

Accept. Stop expending energy fighting the past or trying to control the future. Be here with your process. Honor where you are rather than shaming yourself for not being further. You are here at this point for a reason. Allow life to teach you whatever it is seeking to show you.  Remember this poem from wisdom from Nayyirah Waheed:


Rest. Sleep. Meditate. Take a bath. Take a nap. Let your body be still.  Exhaustion can make “in between” space feel unbearable. Allow your mind and body time to recharge. Be gentle with yourself.

Play. Play cultivates your creativity. It keeps you energized. It calms the mind.  There is reason that kids live for playing. We should all take note.

Plan. Plan time to be with yourself. To reflect and meditate. Make it a habit. For me, Sunday evenings are when I plan and reflect on where I am at and where I am going.

Celebrate. Celebrate the wins. It doesn’t matter how small or big. Imagine you are running a marathon. Celebrate at every mile marker, not just at the end. Find a win to fuel your next one.

This is your race. Don’t stop becoming all that you know you can be. May you navigate your transitions with grace, beauty, and love.


2 thoughts on “Navigating the “In Between Spaces” in Your Life”

  1. Reading with tears streaming down my face…. this is love in written form. Thank you is not enough. For your willingness to help & heal… Thank you. I can’t even explain how much this means.

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