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Review: Guided Meditations for the Busy Woman


When I first saw the title of this meditation, I knew I needed to listen. I am often busy in my everyday life and within my own mind.  Meditation and busy seem like they are on opposite sides of the spectrum, right? Yet, what I have found is that when I feel my busiest is precisely the time when I need to get still and find quiet. Calming my mind, body, and spirit allows me to pause and be reflective. From this “pause” I can then take my next step with more clarity and ease.

If you need that pause, then you need to pick up Guided Meditations for the Busy Woman by Glenda Bundy.  Glenda is the CEO and founder of Time Mind Life. She is an integrative nurse coach who empowers people to find optimal health and wellness through mindful living. I have personally experienced the power of her work in person and am so excited that she decided to create these meditations for everyone to access.

Meditation can feel difficult because it’s hard to get our minds to calm down. Glenda does a great job of guiding the meditation, then giving time for stillness and giving more guidance along the way. You never feel alone as you go on this journey. As I listened I felt reassured by her words and found myself getting more used to meditating on my own. As a result, each meditation never seemed as long as I thought it would be. Glenda has customized guided meditations for each part of the day so that you are practicing mindfulness all throughout the day. She also includes a powerful meditation about releasing that is not to be missed.

If you feel like you are too busy to meditate or if it seems daunting to sit still, I highly suggest that you pick up a copy of these guided meditations. Glenda has specifically crafted these meditations for us “busy bodies” who need guided support to develop a much needed practice in our busy lives and minds. Be proactive and give yourself the gift of relaxation so that you can continue to do your best work in the world.






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