Personal Development

Love Letter: Your Being-ness

Dear Beloved,

You may feel confused, but you are not confusion. You may feel overwhelmed, but you are not overwhelm. You may feel discouraged, but you are not discouragement. This is an important distinction to make especially when you are having those days that make you want to crawl back in the bed. You are not what you feel because feelings are fleeting.
Who you are is grounded and secure. It is what anchors you. It is this truth that everyone talks about. Your being-ness cannot be shaken because it is made of something unbreakable. It is composed of a truth that is inevitable. A truth that will cause those feelings to pass on by.
Here’s the thing: You have to root in that being-ness. You have to expand into the truth that you are: love. courage. light. joy. and so on. You have to firmly plant your feet in that, the same way a tree stays firm in the soil. No matter what storm comes, those roots stay intact and connected to the source.
You are your own source. Everything you may think you need outside of yourself is already within. You just have to remember. Constantly remind yourself that you are a masterpiece. You are expansive. You are more than whatever circumstance or experience life has thrown your way.
You are light. All of the time. 


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