Personal Development


A considerable amount of time has passed since I las posted. I have been busy with motherhood, marriage, building my consulting practice, and focusing on what my life is going to look like over the next few years(ya know..adulting). In the midst of all of that, I realized that I still need to express my thoughts here on my blog. Not for business building. Not for money. Not to build a list. Simply for expression. After some failed entrepreneurial attempts, I lost that desire. Yet, day after day, I feel a nudge to get back to writing.

So here I am again. Ready and willing to share a bit of my world, which these days is heavily centered around my title as a mother. I am just going to let this be easy. Just like it was when I first started this blog many moons ago. I am finding that we live in a world where everyone wants to be the next big thing. Want to make the next great this. Make lots of money building the next great company. And those aspirations are great, but often, more times that not, it leaves us feeling inadequate about having things that simply bring us joy. That are not for any desired end other than to express.

Expression matters for the sake of expressing. It is important because it is me/you creating something and sharing what is on our hearts. Regardless of if it starts a movement or sparks some kind of interest from the online community. It matters cause we matter in all our humanness.

So here I am again. Living, then writing. Experiencing, then sharing. Cause it feels right.

What are you starting again?


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