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What Chocolate Taught Me About Manifesting

I am currently pregnant, which means lots of cravings! A few weeks ago, I was craving chocolate. I daydreamed about brownies, ice cream, and other chocolate laden things. I didn’t know quite when I would get some chocolate or in what form, but I knew it would be soon.  Interestingly enough I got a pleasant surprise: that evening, my uncle bought me some dutch cocoa cookies from the store unexpectedly, without knowing of my chocolate daydreams. I bit down into the soft cookies and had a moment of euphoria. My chocolate craving was totally satisfied in a way I hadn’t even thought of (I had no idea the local Walgreens sold these amazing cookies or that my uncle would buy them for me).

This situation has been on my mind the past few days because it has been quite the aha moment about manifesting or attracting experiences that I want. I went through this situation and decided to apply it to lots of situations in my life because it was so simple to understand.


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Here is what chocolate taught me about manifesting:

You gotta get to the essence of what you want:  I knew that I wanted chocolate. Though I had thought about brownies and candy, the core of what I wanted was chocolate. If someone had given me strawberry candy, I wouldn’t have been satisfied. Similarly, you have to know what you really want, distill it down to it’s purest form. Some people call this desire, others call it your WHY. For instance, if you want to travel to France, it may be that the core of that desire is to explore or see new things. More on why this distinction matters in a minute. 

Let those doubts go. I had no doubt in my mind that I would get some chocolate. I knew that chocolate products were available to me. I knew where I could access them. It was just a matter of when it was going to happen. Now replace chocolate with whatever desire you have, and it is no different. Thinking about writing a book? Well there are millions of examples of people who have done it. Resources abound on the internet to make it happen. It is just a matter of you believing that it can, which evidence supports for sure. 

Be open to all of the options. Let’s get back to the essence of what you want that I mentioned earlier. If I had fixated on getting say chocolate brownies, I would have totally missed the amazingness of cocoa cookies. Fact of the matter is, I wanted chocolate. Brownies would have been great, but there were other options I didn’t even consider. Let’s take the travel to France again. Now, I am not saying don’t desire to go to France, but if your desire is to explore new things, then you may be able to start to fulfill your desire much sooner. You may get an opportunity to go to a new museum. Or find a travel deal for something in a different state. Lo and behold, you actually manifest your desire and have lots of fun while you get to the big thing which is France. Or you may realize that it wasn’t about getting to a specific location, but about feeling a certain way. 

That last takeaway was my biggest moment of clarity. Sometimes I have gotten so darn specific about what I want, in the name of being clear, that I actually close myself off to greater possibilities. My brain can only conceptualize a finite amount of things based on past experiences, images, and thoughts. Naturally, I start to construct an image of what I think is ideal based on this limited awareness. Visualizing is great if you stay open and remember what your core desire is. Also, you can’t get all messed up about process. You may desire to go to France on a luxury cruise with a group of girlfriends. But what if a great opportunity comes up for you to stay in a home and explore on your own? Sounds like it would still be amazing, just different than how you imagined it. 

Sometimes we manifest things and don’t even know it because we get more focused on how something appears versus how it makes us feel. We fixate on how it has to happen versus it actually happening!  It took chocolate to drive this point home for me. Desiring more is really is about living more fulfilled lives. It’s so important to understand there are a million, trillion ways to live that great life we desire.

Here’s to chocolate and learning to get exactly what we want by being open to the infinite amount of doors that can get us there. 



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