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31 Things to Do While 31

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Today is my 31st birthday! I find myself in a place of gratitude for everything that has happened the past 30 years. And excited for what the next 30 years will bring to my life. I love lists, so here is my list for this year:

31 Things to Do While 31

  • Take a week long vacation with my husband
  • Go camping
  • Get a facial at a spa
  • Write another fiction book
  • Buy a pair of Tieks
  • Attend a literature festival
  • Travel to Canada
  • Take a weekend getaway with girlfriends
  • Invest in stocks
  • Start a rainy day fund
  • Pay down some of my debts
  • Renew my passport
  • Learn to sew
  • Give birth to a healthy, happy baby girl
  • Do baby/mommy yoga
  • Test drive a Range Rover
  • Get my book Dreaming Sisters edited
  • Make flaming hot mozzarella sticks
  • Run/Walk a 5K
  • Get a custom print skirt
  • Take a Zumba Class
  • Go swimming
  • re-learn Swahili
  • Take French Class
  • Get a couples massage
  • See a Broadway musical
  • Take a Amtrak train trip for a few days
  • Make a great mixed drink
  • Establish a spiritual practice
  • Buy a pretty decor item for house
  • Go to France!

And so it is!




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