Personal Development

30 by 31: Lessons 22-30

It has been quite the journey going through these lessons and taking stock of things for myself. I am going to finish up the 30 by 31 journey today. I plan to spend the rest of the day reflecting on my next year of life and what I envision for myself moving forward.

I will keep this brief. Here goes:

Lesson #22: Trust Your Body. My body knows when I need rest, food, and any other thing. I am learning to listen to that more and not fight it.

Lesson #23: Boundaries are Beautiful. I used to struggle with setting boundaries until I began to see them as beautiful containers rather than impenetrable fortresses.

Lesson #24: Give up. Sometimes projects don’t work out. Or goals morph and change into something else. No more guilt about knowing when to hold em and when to fold em.

Lesson #25: Go on Self Help Detoxes. I love self improvement books, blogs, classes. But there are times when I take so much info in that I can’t hear myself. Now I regularly take breaks from what everyone else is saying so that I can hear what I am really needing.

Lesson #26: Don’t be so Nice. Now I am not saying be mean, but give yourself permission to be upset. I am a “nice girl” but that doesn’t mean that I don’t get annoyed, frustrated, or overwhelmed. It is a relief to allow myself to fall apart sometimes without trying to save face.

Lesson #27: The lesson will continue to appear until you learn it. I have not liked this lesson so much, but I honor it still. Every pattern, belief, etc is trying to tell us something. We just have to allow ourselves to listen and learn.

Lesson #28: Laugh a lot more. It took me a while to see the beauty in humor. Also the necessity in it. I used to hold back from really laughing, which I believe is a byproduct of deep joy. Everything need not be so serious and laughter can cure so many icky feelings in the process

Lesson #29: Never stop going for your dreams. Dreams are magical things. They often take more time than we want, but that does not make them any less potent. Keep dreams alive in your soul no matter what.

Lesson 30: Trust the Process. Everything is happening in due time. Every intentional action that I take matters. I can rest assured of that every single time. Everything is always working out for my good.

I hope that you enjoyed the 30 by 31 journey. Stay tuned tomorrow when I reveal my 31 things to do while 31 List!




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