30 by 31

30 by 31: Breathe

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I used to have a tendency to hold my breath and hold on to tension, especially in my shoulders and neck. I still have those moments, but I am much quicker to stretch and breathe. Why? Because whatever I am stressing out about will not get solved with anxious energy. I always have a clear mind when after I inhale and exhale a few times. Intentionally breathing always brings me back to my essence, the part of me that is calm, cool, and collected because I’m simply being.

Breathing has necessarily caused problems to solve themselves, but it has reminded me that no matter the crisis: I will figure it out.  I will overcome. And that I will most definitely be ok.

There is also a song called “Breathe” that reminds me of this truth beautifully by Natalie Stewart of Floetry. (listen here)

30 by 31 Lesson #5: Always remember to breathe, especially when you are worried. 

What is 30 by 31 all about? I turn 31 next month, and want to reflect on my first year as a thirtysomething. Follow my journey here as I post each day with another 30 by 31 lesson.

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