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30 by 31: Accept the Help

Last July, I moved to Texas with my husband. Before I left I had a final session with my therapist whom I had been seeing for the past 5 months. It took a lot to admit that I needed help navigating my work, relocation, and emotional issues I was having. It required me to get really honest with myself and vulnerable.

And it made all of the difference. I found a caring therapist who really supported me through decisions I was making and helped me to become aware of not-so-great patterns I would repeat over and over again. It took me years to finally reach out and receive support, but I am so glad I finally did.

Being supported may mean therapy or simply asking for assistance with something, but it is so necessary. We can’t grow without it. We can’t make the progress we really want without it.

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30 by 31 Lesson #4: Ask for help and willingly receive it once it comes. 


What is 30 by 31 all about? I turn 31 next month, and want to reflect on my first year as a thirtysomething. Follow my journey here as I post each day with another 30 by 31 lesson.

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